Episode 2 - Chrissy's Supersweet 16

The look on her face was priceless.When we surprised Chrissy and threw her a Sweet 16 I think she was in total amazement. The look on her face when she saw what we had done was priceless! Dancing with her at the party was an amazing experience. I haven't danced with her since her communion!

I love both my girls so much, and being able to make memories like this with them is so special to our family and me.

I didn't have a second to talk to the boy Chrissy was dating during the party. I was too busy making sure Christina was enjoying her Sweet 16 we waited 11 years to throw. In the future, my wish is for Christina to definitely get married. However, the important factor is that she finds the perfect guy for her. He better be worth the wait!

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