Episode 2 - Chrissy's Supersweet 16

I think she actually believed she was 16 again.Choosing which dresses to buy for the boutique is simple, I BUY EVERYTHING. Other stores just buy what they like. At Diane and Co., we try to ensure we have everything in-stock. Whether it be tailored, funky, flirty, or classy, we want to have EVERY STYLE in the shop. We never know what type of person will walk through our doors and therefore we have a tremendous selection. There is a dress out there for anyone and everyone! When the vendor visits I buy what I want to buy and what I know customers will want. Over the years I have learned to listen to what people really like and keep that in mind when choosing my dresses. I never want a customer to come into my store and not be able to find the dress of their dreams.

I had to throw Chrissy a Sweet 16 because it came to the point where I had had enough! I couldn't handle Chrissy complaining day in and day out that she had never had a party. I wanted to give her that experience because I knew it would make her so happy. It was definitely worth the wait! I thought the party itself was perfect. The look on Chrissy's face when she walked through the door was priceless.

She was so excited and I think she actually believed she was 16 again. I think she was amazed that we actually were listening to her all these years. Chrissy is a great kid that works hard and I'm so proud of her. I felt terrible that we could not give her a party when she was 16, so being able to do this for her now was really amazing and special.

With all the chaos and excitement during the party I didn't have a chance to talk to the boy Chrissy was dating. It was hard to concentrate on her love life with everything else that was going on.


We enjoyed the party and savored the moment. Who knows if this guy will even last.

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