Episode 2 - Chrissy's Supersweet 16

It was as if we had a "secret mission."I think Christina was both grateful and SHOCKED that we threw her a Sweet 16 party, even if it was eleven years later! The best part about it was that she really had no idea we were planning the party, which made everything really exciting. It was great to finally see Christina in her dream ball gown, all dressed with a tiara. She looked beautiful and it was truly her time to shine. She enjoyed every moment of it!

Planning the party was a lot of fun for all of us. It was as if we had a "secret mission." We had to do everything from booking the hall, to creating the cake, which was amazing and delicious, to putting together a photo montage and setting up Anthony as the DJ. It was a ton of extra work, but it was well worth it! The look on Christina's face when she entered the room was priceless!!! I think this Sweet 16 was also better than any Sweet 16 we could have given her when she was actually 16. To me, this one had a lot more meaning.


She has wanted this for years, so I think all the build up to it allowed it to mean much more to her now!! I can't wait for Chrissy's wedding, (when she meets prince charming), because it will be OVER THE TOP!

When I was sixteen years old I did have a Sweet 16 but it was a small one. At the time we were not financially able to have a HUGE party. We had it in a Chinese restaurant with a party room. I had a DJ and my friends with me, which made it fun. Having my family and friends there was all I needed to have a great night!! The memories are still with me.

I am VERY protective of my baby sister. No one is good enough for her and she seems to date all the wrong guys. She works very hard and I want her to meet a guy who appreciates her and cherishes her. Mr. Right just hasn't come along YET!

Fluff Me is a huge part of our business. It started after we realized that our customers really wanted us to come to their affairs. They appreciated our honesty and wanted that to cross over to their hair & make-up, as well as the final look for their big day. We decided to hire hair & make-up artists and we started this Fluff Me, Day of Assistance Company.


Our clients know that we are with them on the actual day of their affair and NOTHING will go wrong. We ensure that their hair and make-up will be perfect, and their whole look will be fabulous!


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