Episode 3- Jersey Goes Aspen

By permanenteditor
The key to life is not taking yourself too seriously.Managing the store while the girls were away was crazy, but by sales team did an amazing job. They truly acted like a family and pulled together in a tough time.

I would have loved to go to Aspen to experience the scenery and support Erin, but I had to hold down the fort back at home. I leave the Fluff Me business to the girls. They are better working in public like that and I work best in the store.

The girls were really there for work. If I know Kim as well as I think, Chrissy must have begged her to do something fun. They did bring back cowgirl hats though!

The t-shirts Anthony made are great. They are so funny and colorful. I think my sayings make people laugh and if they buy them and wear them other will laugh too! The key to life is not taking yourself too seriously.

When someone came into the shop and bought the 'booty pop' dress I was not surprised at all. I knew that dress was going to sell! The most important thing I have learned being in this business is that you cannot buy merchandise you like, you must buy to suit a variety of tastes and styles. At Diane & Co there is a dress for everyone!

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