Episode 3- Jersey Goes Aspen

In the future I hope that I do something I'm passionate about.With the unbelievable recommendations from our customers, we have been able to grow our “Fluff Me” business. We went from booking one a month to now fifteen a month. Whether it is getting a customer in her gown or assisting a bride on her wedding day, no job is too big or to small.

Sometimes sisters look at you as their baby sister, not as a woman on the dating scene. Sometimes girlfriends are just easier to talk to. Then again, after Sam squealed during the second episode, I don't think she can be trusted so much now!!! hahaha

When Kim got married she was the most beautiful bride I had ever seen- her gown, her shoes, and her CROWN were amazing! She keeps her crown in a glass case on her dresser, and it just reminds me of being little and not being able to touch something shiny! So every time I go to Kim’s house and we’re in her room, I put up my hair and sneak to the case and put on the crown! Ahhhh it’s the Princess in me!!

Aspen was my and Kim’s first trip away together, and I wanted a business/girls weekend. I knew I wasn't going to make another trip to Aspen, so I wanted to explore a little... and since Kim never puts down her phone, planner, or computer, I had to figure out a way to show her MY way of living… even if its just for a weekend! And the trip was amazing… we really bonded!!! We actually have more “Fluff Me” trips booked for the coming months that Kim and I have to travel for … I’m so excited.


In the future I HOPE that I do something I'm passionate about. Fashion and dressing women for a living is natural for me, I guess it’s something I was born with and the fact that I grew up around it. But I always say fashion and the store are my mothers dreams, not mine. But I'm optimistic, I'm young ...my dreams will come!!

When I graduated college I had a PLAN! Just like so many other young girls. But as we make decisions on one topic, other plans change, and the pattern continues. For me, my plans changed when I broke someone’s heart, and walked away from what I thought would have been my happily ever after. At Erin’s wedding, I was happy and sad. Happy because Erin was marring the man of her dreams, and sad because I was thinking, “Did I pass on my only chance at getting married?” But at that moment when they said I do... I realized I have hope and that my day will come!!

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