Episode 4- Fashion Tweak

By permanenteditor
I love to change the window displays every week. With so many new gowns coming in and out of the store every day, I feel that we most display all of what we have. I love to get creative and add elements to spice up the window (for example, flowers and feathers).

When I'm with a customer for over an hour and they haven't loved anything I pulled out, I begin to get frustrated but never let it show. If the customer starts to get frustrated, I give them the "talk" ... and I have also heard most of my employees give the "talk" as well. It goes something like: "We've tried a lot of gowns on and you're not loving anything. I can see your energy level down. Why don't I take down your name and number and call you when I find something, that's either coming in or perhaps I missed, that is more of what you like. Today is just not your day." I almost never have to give that speech, because we do have so many gowns and there's always something that they will like. If the customer leaves without buying its because they weren't ready to purchase.

The First fashion show was very futuristic, but in a bad way! The designer showed fake fur in color, hot pink, green, blue, etc and other ghastly garments. I was there for inspiration and I really felt that I could design, no that I actually HAVE designed, better clothes. At the end of the show I was expecting a young designer to come out that just so happened to get lucky to be at Fashion Week, but I was wrong. The designer was a MIDDLE AGED man. I'm sorry but someone on his design team should have told him to put the glue gun down.

I loved the second show however, and its theme was based on Greek wars. The designer chose certain colors to represent the battles. Red for passion and blood, Bronze for the battle gear, white for the togas, etc, and the show was beautiful. He showed three-dimensional flowers, mesh backs, and over sized belts, all of which are big trends for this spring/summer. After leaving the second show I knew exactly what I was looking for to put in our store!

The dress contest was during Prom season and working 80 hours a week with only one day off is not easy. So, if Mommy said the prize would be a day off I knew that meant I had to play dirty!!!

I have dressed Blake for years and I know every gown she's ever worn. After coming back from Fashion Week I knew what trends I was looking for. When I saw the red gown at Jovani I knew it would be perfect for Blake because it was extreme like her style, yet classy and mature. Since she was wearing the gown to her friends wedding I knew we didn't want to take the focus off the bride, so with a plain top I thought it was perfect.

I was so nervous going on my double date!!! I have never been on a blind date with another couple and it was definitely weird!! Mike seemed nice but I could tell he was very nervous, (he was sweating), hehe!

He definitely is handsome, not someone I would normally date, but I'll listen to my favorite quote "Never judge a book by its cover!" I'll give him another shot!

My mother and sister put WAY too much pressure on me to find the perfect guy, but I know it's because they want to see me happy. Maybe their right, maybe I've been picking the wrong guys. I said MAYBE!! Haha!

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