Episode 4- Fashion Tweak

By permanenteditor
The most important tactic I use when dealing with a customer that is unsure of which dress she wants is by listening and watching the woman's body language. Approximately 99% of the time her body language will lead her to the correct dress. We are extremely honest in Diane & Co and want the customer to make the right purchase. If I know a customer is truly unsure about the dress I let her go. If I have done my job correctly, they always come back.

I thought both shows at Fashion Week were amazing. The shows were total opposites of each other. The first show was more edgy and unrealistic, but that was the fun of it. Whereas, the other show was more relatable so it put things more in perspective. Overall they were amazing and will leave me with amazing memories.

The trends at Fashion Week that I wish to see more of at Diane & Co are one shoulder dresses, three dimensional roses and illusions. These three trends from the show were immediately put into our boutique.

I liked the one shoulder dress the best because it was edgy but wearable. Many pieces from Fashion Week are looked upon as art. People may like them, but would they wear them? Then the one shoulder dress came out and it was short, bold and dramatic. This dress could go from the runway to real life.

I knew Blake would choose that gown for her wedding because I have been dressing her for years. She is a DIVA! She loves dresses that make a statement, and I knew she would love anything I picked out for her. The dress was bold. The silhouette and the HUGE one shoulder flower made the dress stunning yet mature. I LOVED IT and knew she would too!

My sister is just that- MY sister. If I were not protective over her than I would not be doing my job. I want my sister to meet someone who deserves her. We are both young and work really hard. I want her to get a guy that worships her and treats her the way she should be treated. She has been dreaming of this guy for years… I want to be sure he was worth the wait!!!!

I knew Blake was going to choose my gown. In the seven years of dressing her she always choose the dress I picked out for her!! She looked stunning. On my day off, I spent the day with my daughter, Francesca, at the park. She loves the swings, so we got in some sunshine, had a picnic and enjoyed the time together.

The double date with Chrissy was great!!! Mike was amazing! He was so sincere. At first it was a little awkward, but overall the night was fun. I think I made a love connection!

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