Episode 5 - Pageants and Passions

By permanenteditor
My passions would include becoming an amazing Chef and knowing that my food made people happy. Life's about enjoying sweet pleasures and I want to make sure I can share a few with the world someday.

Every prom season I get an "itch"! I get restless and I get a little depressed, because the season takes over my life. From December to June we work 80 + hrs a week with only Mondays off. It's frustrating because as much as I do love what I do at Diane and Co, at the end of the day this is not my passion!!! It just hurts me that my family doesn't really see that there's more out there for me!!!

There are definitely some things I'd like to cross off my bucket list in the near future. Let's see...I am in love with the "Pin Up" girl look…I would love to get the chance to have a photo shoot where I can get in character!! The hair, the costumes, the makeup, everything!!!

I was soooo upset that night when no one showed up when they were supposed to. Everyone was late and in my eyes most of the food was becoming overcooked.

But they all said they liked it…I just hope that if I take on this challenge again I'll be more prepared for any delays. If my family had arrived on time, the night would have gone very differently. But overall not bad for my first family dinner in my little apartment!! I think most of all, they were shocked that I was able to fit sooo many people in such a tiny space!!

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