Episode 6- Prom Mania

By permanenteditor
Our store is a busy all year round, but during prom time, from January to June, it's CRAZY!!!! The wait can be up to 4 hours! We do one-on-one service and people wait because they know its worth it!

We do our best to give back to people less fortunate. Our family has faced struggles in the past and it’s not fun. If we can bring joy to someone’s life with a dress, it's definitely worth it. The feeling is indescribable.

When our salesgirls have to go off to college it will be a bittersweet time. It's great to see our girls grow and expand their horizons. They all want to be in fashion, so we hope they realize that their dreams can come true and that they use what they learned at Diane & Co. to jump-start their careers!

We think of our sales girls as family. They are like my younger sisters. Fluffing them for their proms was fun, girly and sweet! They all picked amazing dresses!
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