Episode 6- Prom Mania

My stress relief from the busy times at the store has to be relaxing with friends at my place…listening to great music and having a glass of wine!

Picking out gowns for my employees has always been a hoot! Every year there's always one girl that "has to" outshine all her classmates. This year that girl was Kim Diaz!!! I picked her gown from a designer by Musani…he designs beautiful gowns! And Kim definitely looked amazing.

All the Diane and Co girls looked amazing, I'm sooo proud of all of them.

Operation Fairy Dust went off amazing. Every girl that came left with a gown and accessories no matter what! Even me running down the streets of New York holding my boobs while I run!! Haha… We weren't going to disappoint anyone!! At the end of the day I was sooo happy with what we were able to give these girls.

Jamie is like my little sister!!! I was disappointed that she changed her gown last minute, but I'm just soo happy for her- she looked beautiful!! Being able to Fluff her on her big day was a treat, I am just sad that she is leaving our store for college. But in my heart, I know she is ready to take on her next journey!


My second date with Mike was soo much fun. He is such a nice guy, and that night he had all the answers!! Only time will tell if we continue to see each other!!!


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