Episode 7 - Fame and Fashion

By permanenteditor
When we got a phone call about the Today Show I was so excited about this information, but very overwhelmed!! I went down to the warehouse to pick the dresses for the Today Show and Mommy was just picking out whatever not realizing how important it is to choose the right gowns. So my little temper kicked in and I got just a little nasty!

So the Today Show calls and changes their minds from Prom Trends to Budget Trends dresses that cost $200-$250. We don't carry lower end dresses so that was close to impossible. Working on a budget is not easy! I knew this opportunity was going to bring a little drama into the store!

Then Kim came back from her Fluff Me and after I was working on this for over eight hours, she just decides to change everything!! My point was if you give me a job don't come in and change everything.

When we arrived at the Today Show studio and the models called to say they'd be very late, we all start freaking out. I prayed they'd make it.

Finally my girls arrive. Kim and I rushed to get them dressed for their before shots and off to hair and makeup! We did it!! What I thought was going to be dragged out went by in 30 seconds! I was so excited about the show. I loved it, it was an amazing experience!

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