Episode 8 - Should I Stay, or Should I Go

Our trip to Chicago was long overdue. I was honored by the way we were treated while there. Mac treated us like family and I'm so happy we went to visit. He pulled out all the stops and made us feel right at home. We were so comfortable there! Mac is a real family man. His wife and children are always right by his side. He is an amazing man and mentor.

Seeing Mac's vault was truly inspiring. It's something I hope to ultimately achieve with my store.


I started in the business when I was 21 and my store was called Lucky Lady. I named it this because I truly was lucky to have a boutique at such a young age. Fashion is my passion. I am hesitant to grow the business because we need to keep customer service our number 1 goal.


Though the store may be frustrating for Christina, I just want her to be happy. I think Chrissy gets upset because she works so many hours and our schedule is always so hectic. Kim loves the hectic lifestyle. I essentially just want both of them to be happy.

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