Episode 8 - Should I Stay, or Should I Go

They made you stand up straight and feel like a glamorous woman.I have a lot of passions. I think I am most passionate about success and making people happy. I love when people leave our store happy and feeling great about themselves.
I am always thinking of new ways to expand the business. I love dressing women of all ages and sizes. When Anthony and I were doing Francesca's photo shoot, my mind was just racing! I would love to be able to help other mommies make their little girls look amazing.

As soon as I walked into Mac's Vault my thoughts started racing. I know we need to grow and expand, but in order to do so we need to gain more organization!

Visiting Mac's house and putting on the Sari's was a surreal feeling. I felt like royalty, and it was nothing like wearing a gown. I felt as though I was wearing a tradition. The Sari's made you stand up straight and feel like a glamorous woman.


I wasn't happy with the job my dad and Anthony did on our back room. They rushed through it and hardly put in any effort. They simply put up some racks and called it a day. It's not what I was hoping for.


I feel as though we need a larger store in order to grow. A 5500 square foot place is just not enough. We need order, more dressing rooms and a vault like Mac's!

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