Chrissy on JC 206

By permanenteditor

Kimberly tries to take on too much.She’s a Type A personality mixed with a workaholic. She just doesn’t know how to slow down. While Kim’s on maternity leave, it will not be hard to run the store without her. It just means there will be more work that needs to be tackled!!!

I don't have a preference when it comes to being on the sales floor or being in the back. I'm needed in the warehouse more so that's where I spend most of the day. When Kim needs me on the floor I step in and help. If I’m on the floor and a customer loves every dress she tries on, I try to make them narrow down their selections to their favorites. When you compare dresses, it allows the customer to eliminate the "likes" and find the "loves". When a customer is looking for a dress, they have to remember that the color is not as important as the fit!! The color is more toward what the client prefers.

Between December and June, it does get really tricky balancing my work life with my social life, but that just means lots of home dinners and movies with my boyfriend, Alex. Working with family is stressful, but work and family issues all get dealt with during working hours and when work gets stressful, there’s always wine! ;)

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