Kim on JC 201/202

Diane & Co is all about combining fashion, family and fun.We have the BEST and largest selection of the hottest gowns and we make finding the perfect dress a dream come true! This is what sets us apart from the rest.

My mom is the key to the success of her business. She started Diane & Co with only a vision and dream. Sacrifices were made and to this day Diane & Co is successful because of her hard work and dedication. The balance between work and family is a daily struggle, but we make it work! We have a strong family foundation and we all pitch in to make it work. It takes patience.

It is important for one to know that we treat EVERY client like a celebrity. However, it is always fun to dress someone in the spotlight since you know it will be noticed.

For this season, BLING IS IN! Whether you love sparkle or not, it is making its presence seen on EVERY dress!

When there is a difference of opinion between the girl buying the dress and her friends and family, we try and focus on the client wearing the dress. We need to ensure they are comfortable in the dress THEY choose. Ultimately, they are the most important.

While we strive to help and satisfy everyone, we can’t please everyone. If people are negative and just come in to fight or shoot us down, we try our best to explain our solutions. If they aren't having it, we let them go! You just can't please everyone!

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