Kim on JC 203

By permanenteditor
Chrissy and I are TOTAL opposites!!Before she went redhead people would either get us confused or think we were twins. We are both competitive in nature and we take our jobs seriously. We both want to prove we know our jobs! We ALWAYS have a competition going on at the store. The staff is always united. Team Kim is all about making the customer fabulous from the get-go! Team Chrissy is about learning the ENTIRE story before the dress!!! Trust me Team Kim is where its at! Confidence comes from within. Wearing a dress should just enhance your inner diva and if I can help GREAT!! Our new assistant Frank is like a lost puppy. He always needs direction and "Frankly" I dont have time to babysit my own assistant. I am handing this one off to Chrissy! Obviously he is on Team Chrissy!!! Its like the blind leading the blind.As for Chrissys customer who loved everything and didnt buy a dress, I would have seen right through that fiddle-playing diva!!! Listen, if you want to play dress up, go somewhere else. I would have been able to read her "fiddle radar" from a mile away!
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