Kim on JC 205

By permanenteditor

Chrissy and my mom had a big fight in this episode.

We always argue, but this was crazy!!! I try not to get involved in their fights but somehow I always do. There are always advantages and disadvantages to working with family. We are always together, so that’s a positive and a negative! We’re a family business. We work amongst family but we also treat customers like they are family. I’ve never wanted to work anywhere else. This is what we were all made to do!

In this episode my customer needs a dress for a pageant the next day. Luckily, I work GREAT under pressure. A client can have a day, a month or a year until she wears the dress. No matter what, I am finding it on the first shot! Pageants are always the most fun! I am in control. The mindset for a pageant girl is cut throat. They know they are it and know they need a hot dress. It's go big or go home!! And when I help find a girl her perfect dress? It’s PURE BLISS!

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