Bonus Video: Laura Hall's Shocking Police Interrogation

By Lauren Zupkus

Young, bright college student Laura Hall was so wrapped up in puppy love with fellow honor student Colton Pitonyak that she set out to prove she'd do anything for him. When Colton murdered his other love interest, Jennifer Cave, in a drunken and drugged rage, Laura helped Colton dismember and hide Jennifer's body and the pair fled to Mexico to cover their tracks. In this bonus interview, it's clear that Laura is still blinded by her love for Colton and has absolutely no grasp on the severity of the crime she just committed. At the start of this police interrogation, she worries about Colton, to which the police officer replies, "Let's not worry about Colton today. Let's worry about you today." Later, reality hits Laura hard when the officer informs her she is under arrest and she breaks down in hysterics. Watch the bonus video of Killer Couples Episode 6. 

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