The Prison Interviews: 3 Women Tell Chilling Tales From Behind Bars

By Matt Muro

Have you ever wondered what happens to the women convicted of heinous crimes in episodes of "Snapped?" To mark the 200th episode of "Snapped" and the premiere of its sister show "Killer Couples," we present three interviews with women who've been featured in the show -- all from behind bars. Two of them claim innocence, despite having been convicted.

In the player at top, Jennifer Hyatt speaks from prison about the 2005 murder of Officer Wayne "Cotton" Morgan. She was working at a prison in Tennessee when she met her husband-to-be, who was "the head of the Gangster Disciples." She pled guilty to murdering the correctional officer while attempting to help her husband escape from custody. Listen to her story and here about what her life is like now. 

Next up is Diane Fleming, who is currently serving a 30-year sentence at a prison in Virginia. She was convicted in 2002 for the murder of her husband, Chuck. Diane says she was "shocked to find out she was being indicted" and recalls the police cuffing her in the driveway of her house. "I wasn't worried about anything because my attorney kept telling me not to be," she says. "Because they can't prove you did something you didn't do." Listen to Diane's story - you'll never think of Gatorade the same!  

Our third Prison Interview is with Esther Wadley, who speaks from prison about her conviction of conspiracy to commit the murder of her ex-husband, Joshua Millager. She is currently serving a 15-year sentence at a prison in Missouri and maintains that she is innocent. Listen to her talk about life behind bars and what her current relationship is like with her ex-husband and daughter. 


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