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S1/EP10 |
Aired: 12/29/2019
When a correctional officer is murdered it seems like an act of vengeance, but soon a love triangle is exposed. After learning his wife is having an affair, a husband plans to kill her lover and enlists the help of his brothers to carry out the task. 43:54


S1/EP9 |
Aired: 12/22/2019
A pair of larger than life identical twins commit a series of brutal attacks in a small Tennessee town. With each crime, the brothers grow more emboldened. As time goes on and with little evidence against them, there’s no telling how far they’ll go. 43:54


S1/EP8 |
Aired: 12/15/2019
Over a brutal 7-month stretch, a trio of brothers commit a series of increasingly violent crimes across the city of Richmond, leaving behind a growing body count. Even after their apprehension, these brothers prove difficult to contain. 43:54

Lewis and Machuca

S1/EP7 |
Aired: 12/08/2019
In the summer of 1991, a pair of half-siblings creates panic across southern California when they embark on a spree of random crimes of the worst kind, targeting people out doing everyday tasks. 43:54


S1/EP6 |
Aired: 12/01/2019
After a man is found brutally murdered inside his own bar a murder mystery unfolds over the span of years. Detectives believe it’s a business deal gone bad and must remain steadfastly dedicated to the case after hitting several dead ends. 43:54


S1/EP5 |
Aired: 11/24/2019
The Carr brothers arrive in Wichita intending to commit robberies, but their plans quickly escalate to a murderous spree the likes of which Kansas had never seen. The reign of terror by the brothers is later known as the “Wichita Massacre.” 43:54

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