Last Squad Standing Best Moments - Episode 3

Check out some of the best moments from episode 3 of Last Squad Standing!

Last Squad Standing: Detroit Tension

Charmaine keeps crying wolf about going home, and The Detroit Players have had enough. They may have the most team members, but by the looks of it, that might not last too long.

Last Squad Standing: True Strength

Armond is under the delusion that gender determines strength. In turn, Kaitlyn sets the record straight and stands behind Fred in the elimination.

Last Squad Standing: Paranormal Activity

As it turns out, Jay is pretty superstitious. So of course the girls on the Jersey team are going to have a little bit of fun with him. Gotta stay alert to stay in the game, right?

Last Squad Standing: Tough Decisions

It's come down to Nastashia making the final choice between who goes home: Davrielle, or Fred. It's never easy choosing between your teammates and your emotions.

Last Squad Standing: People's Champion

Fred might be on his way out of the house soon, but that won't stop him from doing what he always does: lifting people's spirits and being the life of the party.