Last Squad Standing Best Moments - Episode 4

Check out some of the best moments from episode 3 of Last Squad Standing!

Last Squad Standing: Mind Over Matter

While everyone might've once thought Dav was the weakest link of The Empire chain, she demolishes everyone in this competition. Turns out it takes more than just physical strength to win this game...who knew?

Last Squad Standing: Jay vs Armond

Jay has had enough of Armond in the house, and he finally lets loose on how he really feels. Hopefully someone gets in between them and stops it...right?

Last Squad Standing: More Than Strength

Jay and Mike have some issues with the tennis ball challenge, but Starrz really brings it home for his team. He proves that this competition officially requires more than physical strength to get ahead.

Last Squad Standing: Plot Twist!

In a startling turn of events with a double elimination, Kaitlyn chooses Armond to go home. Looks like all his arrogant talk and sexist comments have come back to bite him in the backside.