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International Serial Killer

S1/EP8 |
Aired: 08/11/2019
A doctor has an unnatural obsession with death. When the FBI gets involved after a string of mysterious deaths, they discover a 20-year-long trail of destruction that leads them on an international hunt to stop a sadistic madman. 43:44

Murder by Syringe

S1/EP7 |
Aired: 08/04/2019
A Glendale, California, hospital worker confesses to suffocating dozens of his patients. Investigators fear he’ll walk free because doctors believe the victims died of natural causes. 43:44

Homicidal Homecare

S1/EP6 |
Aired: 07/28/2019
A beloved grandfather vanishes out of the blue. Strange activity in his financial records leads detectives on a chase from California to Mexico, where they reach a devastating conclusion. 43:44

Killing Everything

S1/EP5 |
Aired: 07/21/2019
After an orderly is arrested for killing a patient at a Cincinnati hospital, a local reporter gets a tip that leads him to uncover new information about a string of horrifying deaths. 43:42

Deadly Dialysis

S1/EP4 |
Aired: 07/14/2019
Dialysis patients' weekly treatments go from routine to fatal without explanation. Police shut down the Lufkin, TX, facility to investigate what, or who, may have turned lethal. 43:44

Lethal Injections

S1/EP3 |
Aired: 07/07/2019
An alarming spike in ICU patient deaths prompts a head nurse to investigate the cause. After examining charts recorded by the hospital staff, her findings send shockwaves through the small Indiana town. 43:40

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