Alls fair in love and war.

By permanenteditor
I was excited to see Tanisha. She and I have a good relationship and we are friends outside of BGC, so I knew she would get down and dirty with the guys and figure out the real reason they were there.

I thought it was fun watching the guys profess their devotion to us girls. My favorite was when Nick got the tattoo. I was totally shocked he did it and actually couldn't help but think he was crazy. Crazy or not, it was definitely entertaining. When Kendra called the girls from Justin's phone I was shocked. It was clear that she didn't trust him at all, and him actually breaking his phone to prove his trust seemed more crazy than devoted. It was a little over the top but, then again all of them were. I am not one to put emphasis on money or finances in a relationship, but when Tim would constantly talk about all the money he had and use it as his number 1 selling point I would expect him to be able to prove it. Honestly, I think he is full of sh*t...people who are insecure attempt to mask their insecurities by overcompensating in other areas. I think Tim is a perfect example of this.

Joe has always been the quiet shy guy in the house. Even though his challenge wasn't very extreme, I wanted to see how far he would go and see if he would step outside of his comfort zone. Asking Joe to break his phone or get a permanent tattoo would have been more shocking, but honestly it would probably turn me off more than do any good.

After dating a guy for a few weeks, I think its normal to have a heavy make-out session. Nothing more than a little groping and kissing went on in the boom-boom room but it was definitely hot, and there was a lot of chemistry.

I was upset to see Tim and Sarah fighting the before elimination. Nick won the challenge and Tim did the worst. It was obvious that Tim would be upset but I don't think he should have thrown that big of a tantrum. I convinced Tim to stay in the house, but that didn't mean I wouldn't hold his actions accountable at the elimination. I put Tim up for elimination to make sure he wanted to be here and would put in the effort to stay. I was pissed when Kendra put Joe up for elimination. I felt that my connection with Joe was very strong and it upset me to see her not take it into consideration.

I was shocked when Bret revealed that one of us had to go home. Bret was supposed to be our confidant but instead he was a hater and screwed us over. I think he just wanted all of us girls to himself. LOL.

I was very upset when the girls decided I was going home. I guess I was more so hurt by the way they made the decisions. They didn't even humor me; they walked straight into the bathroom and both said it would be me going home. No going over the pros and cons...they flat out said, “Amber, you are going home.” I totally felt ganged up on and thought they were being extremely selfish and insensitive.

I understand the reasoning behind their decisions, but it was more so the way they went about it. The girls obviously didn't take into consideration what Bret said—that the person with the "least connection" would go home. Honestly, I felt like Kendra fit that criteria way more. My connection with Joe was way stronger than Kendra's connections with either of her guys. I could have taken a more "juggling guys" approach, but I was actually trying to develop a real connection Also, playing with guys’ hearts is not up my alley. In the end, majority rules and Sarah and Kendra both wanted me gone, so no matter how much I fought it, I was a goner. I guess it probably comes down to Karma. We spent weeks eliminating these guys and not taking their feelings into consideration. It only makes sense for it to come full circle. It's Love Games after all—and all's fair in love and war.

Read more on what Bret thought about it all, here.
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