Honesty isn't one of his 10 commandments.

A lot of you may wonder why Sarah and I agreed to live together again. The issues Sarah and I had in the Bad Girls Club house were never directed towards each other... It was more so by association. Having time to reflect on our time in the Bad Girls house made us both mature and we realized as soon as we moved in to the Love Games house that we would get along much better than previously. During her season, I was only in the house with Kendra for a couple days but from what I new of her I thought we would have fun together. I was so excited to meet the guys!!!! I really was hoping that they would be able to handle a Bad Girl. I don't know if they knew what they were getting themselves into but they were in for a real treat. Initially, Dathan and Michael caught my eye. After meeting them, I wasn't sure about Akoni and Justin faded into the background. I was very surprised to hear Dathan had a girlfriend because he portrayed himself as the all American Christian boy but obviously honesty isn't one of his 10 commandments. I picked Akoni for elimination because, in all honesty, I wasn't attracted to him at all and in order to date me I have to be physically attracted to you. I already knew I was pretty inexperienced when it came to dating so it was nice for the opportunity to be in a controlled environment with my girlfriends there to support me. You can expect to see a lot of naked debauchery as well as drama, conflict, and chaos.

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