I didn't know what to expect.

By permanenteditor
When I first arrived at the Love Games house, I didn't know what to expect. I hadn't watched Bad Girls Club before being asked to host the show -- although I had heard about it from everyone and it was a guilty pleasure among my friends. I was immediately impressed with the house (for obvious reasons,) and I was eager to meet the girls (also for obvious reasons.) As soon as I met them, I thought, "Damn they're hot!" But I didn't see why they were Bad Girlsthat is until after 10 minutes of them interacting. I remember thinking, "If the wrong guy gets one of these girls, he's a dead man!" Then I also remember thinking, "What type of guys are gonna compete for these girls and think they could handle them?" As soon as the men walked up the hill, I saw all different types and I didn't have a clue to what these girls were gonna go for. The one that stood out to me at first was Dan. Here was this little guy, who did not fit the mold of a guy that could handle a Bad Girl, so to speak, until he spoke. He was confident, funny, and didn't seem to flinch at what the girls were throwing at him. Then of course there was Devan, who was an ex-professional athlete, who was the total opposite of Dan in the physicality department, who looked like he could throw the rest of the guys over the house and just call "game over!" Then there was Dante, a guy who was little bit more of my ilk, an East Coast Italian kid with a little swagger. I gotta be honest with you, being a stand-up comedian, I was really hoping that they were gonna be d*uchebags so I could rip on them, but they were all pretty cool. I also have to admit that we had a blast! I can't really tell you too much right now, but there was plenty of material for me to have fun with, and the experience was one I want to do again and again....not to mention I'm officially caught up on Bad Girls Club and I'm addicted! Looking forward to talking with you guys next week. God Bless!
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