I have always thought of dating as a sport.

When I first met Amber and Sarah I didnt know what to expect. I personally felt that sometimes it was them against me. They already had history because they were on the same season. They were nice and sweet, but we had to get to know each other quickly. I looked up to them in the beginning, but sometimes I just felt like they knew each other a lot and it was hard for me to try and get to know them. When I first saw the guys I was really excited. I enjoyed the fact that we had a variety of guys in the house. I was happy to have the experience to be able to narrow them down. I didnt feel that all of them were physically attractive but I mean I like personality too. Akoni was my favorite at first. I thought he was really good looking. Probably my least favorite was Kyle. I didnt like him. He wasnt my type at all and I didnt think he fit any of the other girls either. I got pissed and through my drink at Nathan because my blood was boiling and he was pissing me off. He was cocky and it was not attractive. He was digging himself a hole by lying to us. I picked Kyle for elimination because I didnt like him. He was dorky. He didnt seem like he was there for the right reasons. Honestly, at that point I was thinking about all three of us and I dont think he complemented any one of our personalities. I wanted to do "Love Games" because I wanted to narrow down the things that I look for in a partner. In the past I gave people my time that I shouldnt have. I wanted to know more about the type of person I am looking for in the long run. I think it was all about getting to know what I really want and what kind of person is right for me. I was definitely happy to have this opportunity. I have always thought of dating as a sport anyway. I enjoy dating and getting to know people, so the experience was ideal for me. This season is going to be great! You will see lots of fun, excitement, and three girls trying to work together with very different strong personalities. We learned about love, dating, and working together.

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