I think she was being a bit of a hypocrite.

I wasn't living in the house with everyone, so I wasn't there first hand for all the drama this past episode, but as soon as I got to eliminations everyone filled me in. I remember being confused "Okay, Dante wanted to fight Dan, and Tim and Nick came to blows because Devan made fun of Sarah's boobs????" After I was briefed on the situation and saw some of the previous footage, I got everything straightened out. Here was my opinion then and now on the whole episode... First off, although Dan can be a little annoying (like I said before, I didn't live in the house, but I still spent a considerable amount of time with everyone), he's still a funny, likable guy. I think the alcohol made Dante' overreact a little. Trust me, I've lost my temper over things before, but I was surprised Dante lost his cool like that. I liked Dante. He was a stand-up guy, and I was upset to see him go.....not to mention the kid could cook, so I was gonna miss eating the Italian food he would make. I plan on going to his restaurant when I go back to Jersey. Now Nick and Tim going to blows, I wasn't shocked to hear that almost happened! I felt a beef cooking between them from day one. Even though Tim is the bigger kid, both are tough kids. This is what happens when you have a lot of roosters in the hen house, and those two both had their eye on one hen (Sarah) in particular. Speaking of Sarah, the other girls were acting all upset for her because of Devan's comment about her boobs, but they put the one guy that Sarah had a connection with on the chopping block? I think that whole thing with Devan's comment was blown out of proportion anyway. I'm not defending Devan because I'm a guy, I'm simply saying, as cool as Sarah is, I think she was being a bit of a hypocrite. They were acting as if he was out of line, but the first thing Sarah asked Devan was about his "BBC" and I can't even write what that means! I guess all things aren't fair in War and LOVE (GAMES). Till next time, God Bless!

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