I thought Dan was gonna cry.

This week had a lot less drama then last week and focused more on the connections being made in the house. When I heard what the challenge was this week, I knew it was gonna be funny and possibly awkward... I was right! The worst song award had to go to Akoni. The most awkward performance had to go to Cosmo, and the best performance, in my opinion had to go to Justin. I mean it was the hardest genre, and he was hysterical with his commitment! Anyway, Nick won (as you know), and went on a date with Sarah. It was no shocker that he used his DATE and SWITCH card to get rid of Tim, which added to the drama and tension between those two. It's really starting to get confusing on who likes who...I thought Kendra and Akoni were going to hit it off, but then she was making out with Cosmo??? Amber may be feeling something for Joe (who apparently is packing some heat down there), but it's not real yet, and Sarah made out with both Tim AND Nick that night? I believe Nick may be edging out Tim at this point. When elimination came, I wasn't surprised to see Dan and Mike up there, but Devan was a bit of a shocker. I guess they want him to step his game up. I think Amber was a little bit too mean with Dan. I thought Dan was gonna cry. I felt bad for the kidbut Mike was the one that ended up getting 86'd. I could have seen that coming. I knew that the girls weren't really feeling anything for him, but as far as him being boring, I don't know. From what I got from him he seemed like a cool kid, but I'm not a chick so I wouldn't know. These girls are all over the place, and it's hard for me to know what they were going to do, say, or who they would choose. I guess that's why they call them BAD GIRLS.

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