I thought they were all really, really hot.

When I first saw all the guys from the balcony, I thought they were all really really hot. 90% of them had great bodies. They had tattoos and I thought that was awesome. I was excited and open-minded to meet them all. Some of them I just clicked with right away. It was nice to have the time to go in the back and relax with all of them and get a feel for everyone. I gave each guy a shot. I tried not to write any of them off too quickly. When I first met Kendra I thought she was sweet. She was a lot different than she was portrayed on Bad Girls Club. She is independent and sweet. I have nothing negative to say about her. From being on "Love Games," I expected to learn that I totally suck at dating and I am a hot mess. I thought the guys would tell me I was a handful and divorced and damaged. That was so not the way it worked out though. I was definitely pleasantly surprised. I think I went into the experience open-minded and I wanted to have a good time. I told the guys I would be happy walking out of the house alone if I didnt find anyone real. I was definitely realistic about the idea of finding true love on a reality show. This season viewers can expect a lot of challenges, some very sexy kissing, some girl drama and some boy drama and a strategically placed tattoo! When Dathan admitted to having a girlfriend at home, I was really disappointed. I felt like Dathan gave me the impression that he was not just an assh*le guy. I was frustrated because it got me second guessing all of the other guys in the house. At that point I was suspicious of all of the guys just because he kept secrets from us. At the elimination I picked Dan because I really wasnt sure of his intentions. I thought he was into partying and getting to know the guys. I wanted him to be more into getting to know us. Also, I felt like after Dathan left I wanted to make sure that the guys were in the house for all the right reasons.

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