I was really feeling him at that point.

I thought the wrapping/rapping challenge was so much fun. The guys had no idea they were going to serenade us with songs and it was hilarious to hear their renditions. My favorite singers were Matt and Justin. I think I liked their songs best mainly for the laugh factor. Hearing them sing opera was so funny... Justin had the best lyrics and Matt just killed it. I picked Matt as my winner because his lyrics were funny and he was so loud and it ended on a high note. I picked Joe to go on the date with Matt and I because I was really attracted to him and we had a blast on the previous date! The roller rink date was one of my favorite dates. We had a blast skating around and just having fun together. When I kissed Joe I was really feeling him at that point. He was really sweet and attractive and I wanted to kiss him so I did. I mean come on. The guy is hott. After seeing the way I spoke to Dan at elimination to be honest I didnt even necessarily dislike him that much, I just found him really annoying. He was always there and always in my face. He is nice in small doses. The way I spoke to him at elimination people need to understand, Im a Bad Girl because I dont think before I talk. Elimination was definitely one of those cases. I was so annoyed and frustrated with him and I wanted him to know it. When I hid from him he didnt get the clue. Afterwards I did feel bad, and I probably could have put it nicer, but I cant take it back. By the time we got to the elimination I didnt really know Michael at that point, but I wanted to get to know him. Unfortunately majority rules and it was two against one. At that point I wanted Dan to go home, but we all know that didnt happen. It would have been nice if Mike could have stayed but oh well!

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