I was really surprised to see Noah.

By permanenteditor
I thought the beach challenge was fun. I felt really bad for the guys though-- several of them were very sick. I wasn't surprised that Devan won the challenge. His main "selling point" was his body and physical strength, so if he WOULDN'T have won, there would have been a serious problem! I know some of the other guys were really mad that this was the first physical challenge and they were sick, but that's just the way it worked out.

I picked both Nick and Tim for my date because I liked both of them. Plus at this point, I knew that they didn't get along, and I wanted to see if they would be able to keep their cool around each other and around me. It was really getting narrowed down, and I had a connection with both guys. I didn't want to take someone else on a date because, frankly, I wasn't interested in any other guys there.

When I heard that Noah was at Saddle Ranch, I was surprised. I never expected him to be there. So initially, I wasn't sure how to react. Then, when the shock wore off, I decided not to even bother going over and saying "hi." Noah was part of my "Bad Girl" life and I am not that girl anymore. Seeing Noah brought back a lot of terrible memories. I still regret how I hurt him, but I have moved on and so has he. I don't think I will ever know his true intentions in coming that night, but it is completely inconsequential to me. I was on a date with two amazing, funny, handsome and caring guys-- I learned my lesson on Bad Girls Club and I was NOT going to mess that up!

I think Joe wants to hug me all the time because he is secretly in love with me. Omg I'm kidding! Don't take things so seriously!! I don't know why Joe always wanted to hug me... in all honesty, it was just funny. With so few guys left in the house, we really had to REACH for things we didn't like about these guys. In normal life, would someone hugging me whenever they see me be annoying? Of course not! But in this situation, I wanted to spend time with MY guys-- not hugging Joe!

Shopping with Devan was pretty lame. I found some cute clothes though, so that was good. Devan just didn't seem to have much personality to me. Also, I wasn't sure who he was into. I thought it was Kendra at first, but then I thought it might be Amber. He was very hard to read and was always making sexual comments instead of asking about my family or school or work. Thank God he looked hot!

I nominated Joe for elimination because I didn't think he had much personality. Amber is a great friend of mine and she has personality for WEEKS! In order to handle someone like Amber, you have to be quick on your toes, outgoing and silly. In my opinion, Joe is none of those things. From what I saw, Joe was completely average. I love Amber and she deserves so much better than average!

We ultimately decided to eliminate Devan because, although he was sexy, strong and suave, he hadn't won any of us over. With so much time in the house, he should have used it to his advantage. In fact, by the end of Devan's stay, I had no idea what his family was like, what he did for work, and if he went to college. Devan was a closed book, and I, unfortunately, did not connect with him at all.


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