Im extremely happy that I chose Nick!

By permanenteditor
I was looking forward to my date with Nick the most. I had already gotten a chance to talk with Tim on our solo date, and my date with Nick was more fun than serious. I really wanted to talk more about our goals and plans for the future and find out if he was going to be able to fit well into my life.

I consider Amber one of my really great friends. She and I live together now in Hollywood and we have so much fun together! She understands that someone had to go home on Love Games and, while we BOTH regret that she went home, it’s all “business.” We are amazing friends and I wear my “I love The Amber Show” shirt all the time around the house. It hasn’t been turned into a dusting rag yet! I don’t speak to Kendra at all. I don’t have anything bad to say about her, but I do wish her the best.

I decided that Tim wasn’t the right guy for me for many reasons.

First, Tim put a lot of emphasis on money. Anyone who knows me knows that I make my own money and never expect a man to support me. I actually PRIDE myself on being independent and being able to do things on my own financially. Also, I think Tim wanted to win to beat Nick—not to be with me. In the end, that was the most important factor. I really wanted to meet someone that I could be with. I didn’t want to just “fake” a relationship on the show and go back home alone. What would be the point of the show then?!

I ended up choosing Nick because he is extremely sincere and I could tell that he genuinely cared about me. Nick is amazingly sweet, loving, smart, caring, romantic, sexy, charming, and adventurous. There are so many things that drew me to Nick—I can’t even begin to sum those things up in this blog!

I am extremely happy that I chose Nick! Are you guys ready for this?! WE ARE STILL TOGETHER!!! I swear, this has to be one of the only reality TV relationships that have actually worked out! I moved to California for my career and to be closer to Nick. He lives in San Diego so we are only two hours apart. Nick came out to Milwaukee to meet my family and I went to Portland to meet his family and we have been sneakily spending time together for the past six months. We are very happy together! And his tattoo still looks amazing on his adorable little butt!

When I found out that Amber got to choose the winning couple, I wasn’t too worried. She could see (just like the rest of America!) my connection with Nick, and it was obvious that Nick and I were legitimately going to give our relationship a try after the cameras were off.

When Nick and I won Love Games, we were both ecstatic! As much as we knew we should win, we weren’t completely positive that we would walk away the winners. I couldn’t have chosen anyone better to win the show with!

The most valuable lesson I have learned from Love Games is to think with your heart. I had one guy who looked great “on paper” but there was zero passion. Then, I had this charming, romantic Romeo who swept me off my feet, and I could have given a sh*t how he looked on paper. I truly believe that if you follow your heart, everything will fall into place.

As I already said, I am currently living with Amber in Hollywood. I am pursuing a hosting career and still continuing with school. I am a communications major and have about another year before I graduate. It has taken me a very long time to finish this degree (my divorce and Bad Girls Club really put things on hold for a while), but I’m determined to get it! Nick is working on his real estate license so we are both very busy, but we get to spend quality time together every week or so. We are so ridiculously, incredibly in love and I’m so excited that I get to tell everyone about it now! We have both waited so long and now we can finally really begin our lives together!

Who knows…maybe there will be a Sarah and Nick Show in the future?! :)

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If you are team Nick, enjoy childhood photos of him here.
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