Im kind of sad its over.

By permanenteditor
Well, after 8 weeks, 13 guys, and 3 women, we finally have a winner of Love Games!

It was an exciting journey, but in the end, Sarah and Nick emerged as the couple to beat. Did I know they were gonna win? Absolutely not. Did I think they were gonna win? By episode 5, I kind of thought they would. Let's be honest, their connection seemed the most real out of the whole house. I'm kind of sad it's over though. This was easily one of the most interesting and fun experiences I've had in my career. I HAD A BLAST! I really hope there is a season 2 (keep your fingers crossed.)

I still talk to some of the guys, through Facebook and on the phone. I recently spoke to Dan and ran into Devan the other day. And for those of you who think Love Games isn't real, Sarah and Nick surprised me at one of my shows at The Comedy Store. I was shocked to see them and they are still together (they better be, considering Nick has her name on his ass!).

As for me, things have been really good. My Comedy Central 1/2 hour special recently aired, and I just headlined The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas this past weekend. I'm on the road a lot, so if any of you want to ever check me out, you can add me on Facebook, or just go to and sign up for my e-mail list.

Until next season (hopefully), God Bless!

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