Initially, I was feeling both Joe and Devan.

I thought that the Beach/Lifeguard challenge was a blast! I wasn't all that surprised when Dan dropped me, and although the face plant sucked, I probably deserved it. I picked Joe and Devan for my date because I really liked Joe and wanted more time to get to know him, and Devan was incredibly sexy so I wanted to see if we had any chemistry.

I was extremely worried when I spotted Noah at Saddle Ranch and I was worried that he would sabotage what Sarah had going on.

When Devan said he was going to focus his time on me, I felt like he wasn't that sincere. I felt like Devan was more into playing love games rather than really getting to know me. On our date, there were many things Devan and I had discussed prior, and I felt like all previous conversations were forgotten, and it was annoying so I kinda gave up. Shopping with Devan was fun, but I was more concerned with my clothing choices than really taking the time to get to know him better.

I was extremely pissed when Sarah put Joe up for elimination. I was not involved in the Kendra/ Sarah love triangle, so why was she bringing my guy into it? I was really feeling Joe so why would you put the one guy I felt a strong connection with? We decided to eliminate Devan because none of us girls had any feelings for him.


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