It turned into a complete make out session.

When Tim was the only person who cooked for me at the grill off I was so pissed! Are you kidding me? Not only was I upset I was hungry! Tims food wasnt even edible. My date with Tim was good. It turned into a complete make out session cause I was so drunk. It was worth getting one plate at the grill off, but only because I got to scold all the other jerks in the house for not cooking for me. It was fun making them all feel bad. At the bar, I thought Dan was a little overwhelming, but if you are going to handle a Bad Girl, you cant loose your cool like that. Looking back, Dante never would have been able to handle a Bad Girl like Kendra, Amber or me. I never knew that Tim and Nick disliked each other like that. I was so surprised that the fight even happened. Watching the episode was the first time I heard of that. I thought they just both liked me and I they didnt want the competition, but now I think they just didnt like each other. When Devan made the comment about my boobs in the hot tub I was drunk and I was pissed that no one cooked for me, so everything put together was just too much. I mean I am at a place in my life where I dont appreciate things like that and I dont really find them funny anymore. When Dante apologized I thought he was sincere and sorry, but when we came to find out that he almost fought again we thought that was disrespectful. I mean how can I trust you when you just lied straight to my face?When Kendra nominated Tim I knew it was because she was jealous! I thought it was rude. All his eggs in one basket, who says that anyway? My grandma probably says that. Sending Dante home was the obvious choice. He made it clear that he was okay with lying and deceiving us because he apologized and then fought again. On top of that he was violent. None of us wanted a guy who was violent. It was based on principle. None of us wanted to be with a guy like that.

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