It was an easy and obvious decision for me.

It was bittersweet coming back to the house after being voted off. I was kind of upset when I found out all the fun stuff they did without me, yet it was kind of nice that the final decision was left up to me. It would have been a tough spot to be in if I thought Kendra and Matt's connection was real because then my decision would have been difficult. But instead it was an easy and obvious decision for me. Sarah and Nick really liked each other.

My friendships with the girls were not really affected. When I was voted off I understood where they were coming from and in the end they understood where I was coming from. The most valuable lesson that I learned from the show is that before looking out for others, you need to look after yourself first, because in the end, no matter how close you are to someone they will always think of themselves first.

The end result of this show was interesting and surprising.

This isn't a regular dating show full of actors, this is a Bad Girls dating show. We don't fake it—we are ourselves and we own our actions. If I like someone, it is real, it isn't fake, it isn't scripted, and it isn't because a producer asked me to like them. Joe and I really liked each other on the show, but in the end after a couple of months, it wasn't meant to be. You will be pleased to know that I did however end up with a guy from the show. Remember Michael? The Intellectual? The guy we voted off in episode 3? Well, we reconnected again in March while I was in New York doing press for Love Games, and we have been dating ever since. I wouldn't quite call it love yet but we both really like each other and have been traveling back and forth to see each other.

In the end, even though I was "kicked off" my own dating show, I really do feel like I won in the end. I am dating a great guy from the show and even if we didn't make it to the last round, we are together and that’s all that matters.

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