It was definitely one for the books.

I love when seasoned Bad Girls join us in the house. We’re all part of the same sorority and we all had experienced the bad girl house and the bad girl lifestyle, so we have a common understanding of what it takes to be with girls like us. I respect Tanisha a lot. As long as you don’t cross her the wrong way, Tanisha is a caring, loving, big sister.

It was getting down to the wire and the guys knew that they definitely needed to step it up. I was excited that there was little hesitation on Matt and Justin’s part to complete their challenge. I was really happy that they were willing to do those things for me, and it meant a lot. Even though Nick wasn’t one of my guys, he definitely marked his body for life. Personally it was a CRAZY decision but I couldn’t deny it was definitely one for the books.

I took Matt on the date because I was still trying to figure out what he was all about.

Justin reminds me of other guys I’ve dated. I feel comfortable with Justin. But I wanted to see if I could possibly step out of my comfort zone with Matt. Ice-skating was extremely fun. I got to see Matt on his on turf. I loved Matt’s confidence on the ice, but I also enjoyed his comforting protective side as he was teaching me how to skate and play hockey. I was kinda good! LOL.

At this point, Tim and Sarah were really none of my concern. I thought that Tim should have gone through with the challenge but other than that it was none of my business.

Joe was coasting by now. He hadn’t had any competition with anybody in weeks and yet he still wasn’t doing anything special. If anything, since he didn’t have to stress like the other guys, I thought he had plenty of time to do multiple creative sweet things for Amber... and he didn’t.

I was shocked and sad when Bret announced that one of us had to go home, but deep down I could understand why. It’s all a game and just like we had to eliminate the guys, we were going to start getting chopped down as well. Just like Joe was coasting, so was Amber. Sarah and I kept Joe around only because he was the only one going to Amber not because we were big fans of his. I really didn’t want to see Amber leave, but it’s the name of the game.

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