Its a dirty game but Im here to play.

By permanenteditor
I thought the scavenger hunt was soooo fun. We got to get the boys out of the house and on to one of the most popular streets in the world. We also got to see who was outgoing enough to ask for silly stuff like tampons. LOL! I think the clean underwear was the hardest for the guys to find. Clean underwear in a woman’s purse before 8pm is a hard thing to find!

Justin winning the quarter race really meant a lot to me. It showed me that he was listening, and when Nick wasn’t able to do the same for Sarah, it pointed out some flaws in the fairy tale. Justin and I had a really good time riding around Hollywood. I feel absolutely comfortable with Justin, and I was really glad he won.

I hadn’t been out on a date with Dan but I knew that I really liked his energy. I also knew that I had feelings for Matt and Justin. I wanted to see how Dan was away from the house, and if there was the slightest connection between us. I can honestly say that I was Dan's number one fan while we were in the house. He's such a good person and he always has my respect. I’m really not sure what Matt and Justin were thinking when I took Dan on the date, but they had to know that I had feelings for both of them and that I was just trying to feel Dan out.

I didn’t like the crazy frat boy behavior that was going on in the house. I know that the guys get bored and have to pass the time but I feel like they lose focus and it makes me question whether or not they care about how we feel. Honestly, I probably believed Matt over Nick because I really like Matt and I wanted to believe he wasn’t the ringleader. I heard Nick’s voice throughout the house and if Matt was the main person, he didn’t let me hear it.

I put Nick up for elimination because I didn’t want any of my guys to go home! Point. Blank. Period. It’s a dirty game but I’m here to play. I LOVEEEEEEEE Dan. I think he has a great personality. But I didn’t have the spark with him that I did with the other guys. It was Dan's time to go- but I absolutely adore him! :)


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