My MVP award of this episode has to go to Dan.

Look, I know how hard it is being a man and having to shop for a woman. It's extremely difficult to guess what women would want, when THEY don't even know half the time! But to do it for three of them, and at a Thrift Store? I got to give the men props for even trying, let alone actually picking outfits that the girls would even wear. Very impressive. I know if it were me, I would have contemplated suicide. Anyway, my MVP award of this episode has to go to Dan. WOW! This kid goes from having Amber want to "run when she looks at him," to actually making-out with her at a club. Definite come from behind move from the kid. He was even shocked. I remember laughing when she picked him for the date, and was like "What?" I like Dan. He kind of grows on you.Not to pick on my girl Sarah again, but to slap Nick for kissing Kendra on the cheek when she was making out with Tim in front of him was a little extreme. Again, I found it to be a little hypocritical. I was shocked though when Kendra put Nick up for elimination. I remember Sarah being pissed! After that move, I knew Sarah was gonna put Akoni up. I could see the girls putting Justin up, just because he made a move for two of them. Plus, he hadn't made a real connection with Amber like Kendra did with Akoni, or Sarah did with Nick. I thought for sure he was gone, but then when Kendra picked Akoni to leave, I couldn't believe it. I am telling you this honestly -- these girls are beyond unpredictable! First, Dan's gross, then Amber's making out with him? Kendra has a thing for Akoni, and then she 86'd him with no problem? I'm surprised every time we do elimination. It only gets more confusing as the shows go on. You'll see what I mean in the weeks to come.

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