They are both hot and great kissers.

By permanenteditor
I thought the wrapping/rapping challenge was hilarious! The guys actually thought Bad Girls were just going to have them wrap up boxes... What are they? Crazy?! My favorite song was the one Nick sang to me. He clearly put a lot of time and effort into it and when he threw the paper at the end of the song, I almost melted! He was just so sincere! I wanted to take Tim on a date with Nick and me to see how the two guys would act around me together. But, when Nick used the "Date and Switch Card", I was not surprised. I knew they didn't like each other, and I was bummed that I had to go on a date with Devan -- but it was good strategy on Nick's part! He knew I wasn't into Devan, so Nick pretty much had a solo date. I had so much fun on our date at the roller rink! I got to be playful and silly with the guys and we all had a lot of fun! When Nick gave me the necklace after our date, I was so touched. Even though it was just a silly vending machine necklace, I thought the idea was too cute. I was so sure he was totally into me. When I realized I had kissed both Tim and Nick in the same night, I had mixed feelings. Of course I was excited -- they are both hot and great kissers. But I also felt bad. I mean, I didn't know who I liked more and I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.I put Mike up for elimination because I didn't think he was exciting enough. A Bad Girl needs someone with some spice and I just didn't see that in Mike. He was very intelligent and extremely sweet, but there has to be that "je ne sais quoi" and I didn't think Mike had it. When Amber told Dan that he makes her skin crawl, I was shocked! After being picked on so much on our season of Bad Girls, I thought Amber would have been more sensitive than that.In the end, we sent Mike home because he just wasn't exciting enough. I felt like either he was holding back, or he just wasn't interesting enough. Either way, his party was over.
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