You didn't see the other member of our mnage trois, JACK DANIELS.

I thought the Thrift store shopping challenge was fun but caused quite a controversy. The first set of outfits looked horrible on Sarah and myself yet Kendra loved hers. Mine was soo bad that I was actually getting claustrophobic in it. The second set of outfits looked good on Sarah and myself yet Kendra hated hers. In this situation you have to look at the "group" as a whole as opposed to an "individual", something of which Kendra has no concept. After my harsh criticism of Dan I decided to give him another chance and to take him on a date to see if his aggressive behavior would minimize on a more personal level. I picked Justin for the date because Sarah had mentioned how sweet he was and thought we might get along well. I thought that the girls picking each others guys was more so based on jealousy. Kendra picked Nick to make Sarah jealous and even though Sarah didn't like Akoni she had to retaliate. While Dan and I may have appeared to be a party of two you didn't see the other member of our mnage trois, JACK DANIELS. I was having such a great time with Dan and Justin (and Jack) that Joe actually didn't cross my mind. I had fun with Justin on our date. He even kissed me and told me what a great time he had. Little did I know he ran straight home and told Kendra he was thinking about her the whole time he was kissing me. I put Justin up for elimination because I like good guys and won't waste any time on skeezy players. I lost all the attraction and respect I had for him after he "played" me on my date. I was annoyed when Sarah and Kendra were arguing in the bathroom and I would have left if I weren't worried it would get physical. I was glad Kendra sent Akoni home and that she finally realizes she deserved more than what Akoni was willing to give. She finally realized that she deserves better than that.

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