Amber on Love Games Episode 3: Whatever It Takes

It feels great to be HBIC, again! I didn’t expect in a million years to win the challenge. I was sure that the challenge was over when everyone else was dressed except for me. I had no clue that Lea’s team had been disqualified as well as Natalie’s team. It was an awesome feeling when Tanisha told my team and I that we had won! However, I don’t like hurting the guys’ feelings so I really don’t enjoy putting any of the guys up for elimination. But, I will gladly take being crowned HBIC.

I choose Taylor as my date because I had made him the promise that if he instilled his trust in me and allowed me to put him up for elimination in the week prior that I would make him my next date no matter what. I choose Corey W. as my second date because he is the one guy that I hadn’t gotten to know yet, and I felt like I owed that to him. I was extremely surprised to say the least at Taylor’s jealousy towards the end of the date. Taylor made the date SO uncomfortable. He kept getting mad any time I talked to Corey W. If Corey W. would pull my chair closer, then Taylor would pull my chair back closer to him. I was incredibly stressed during the entire date. I really wanted to get to know Corey W. but I couldn’t do that with Taylor there. So the date was the worst date I have ever been on and it was totally ruined.

My heart went out to Matthew when I saw him on the floor wasted. This poor guy who is so incredibly sweet and honest and here for all of the right reasons is drunk and can barely contain himself. Matthew told me that he is here for me, but I just couldn’t take all of the guys making fun of him and calling him names and playing jokes on him. He doesn’t deserve that. I had to put Matthew up for elimination for this reason. He is a human being, and to watch anyone be as cruel as some of the guys were to him, I had to do him a favor and get him out of the house.

I sent Corey W. to elimination because I felt that he was definitely there for Natalie. Corey W. would tell me how much he disliked Natalie, and then I would see him being friendly and flirty with her. I am not interested in dating a guy that acts like he is here for me, then turns his back and is here for someone else, especially when that someone is not a good person. I put Matthew up for elimination because I couldn’t watch him embarrass himself any longer. The guys made fun of him and treated him like a joke. Matthew is someone’s son and no one deserves to be treated like that. He is a good guy and needs to find a good girl. A Bad Girl is not the kind of girl he needs. I put Benz up for elimination as a ploy. I knew Natalie had it bad for Benz and would keep him, and I knew that Lea adored Benz and would keep him as well. Mine and Lea’s plan was to get rid of all of Natalie’s guys, and each time we had to put in a guy that we knew Natalie would keep because she thought in her diluted mind that Benz actually liked her.

During elimination I decided to keep Benz, because that was my plan all along! I never wanted to get rid of Benz. He was my bait for Natalie. I knew that Natalie wouldn’t choose to eliminate Benz out of the 3 guys that I had put up for elimination. Goal accomplished!
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