Amber on Love Games Episode 4: And In This Corner

Lea and I have an alliance against Natalie to eliminate any and all of Natalie’s guys. Lea, myself and most of the guys cannot stand that loud obnoxious neigh of Natalie’s. We all want peace and quiet, so we make it our goal to weed out anyone that could possibly be in Natalie’s stable and we put them up for elimination.

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The dance challenge to my surprise was fun! I CANNOT dance at all! I am completely aware of this. However, the team I picked was awesome and they made it fun. I was terrified because I knew that I was a horrible dancer and I knew that this would be a challenge. Lea’s team was awesome! Natalie’s team looked like a bunch of second graders putting on a show for their moms at the local Chucky Cheese.

I was shocked when Natalie only put up Lea’s guys for elimination. I figured that Natalie would have at least thrown one of my guys in there. So, I was happy that she didn’t, however I felt really bad for Lea because I knew that she was interested in all three of these guys and still wasn’t sure which one really stole her heart and she still needed time to figure that out.

When Ryan read his letter to Lea during elimination I felt really bad for Ryan. Natalie totally antagonized Lea and all of the other guys against Ryan the previous night. Ryan is a sincere guy and I do believe that he was on Love Games searching for love. Yes, he may have still had feelings for an ex, but don’t we all at some point have lingering feelings for an ex that broke our hearts? It doesn’t mean that we are going to go back to them. It just means that our hearts are in pain over the loss of a once true love.

I was sad to see Ryan go because he is a genuine guy. Ryan liked Lea for who she is. I know that I am playing a game. But, I care about people’s feelings and I really think that Natalie was jealous that Lea had a bunch of guys on her team and Natalie was stuck with..Taylor? So in that regard it was hard to see someone (Ryan) who was on Love Games for all of the right reasons go home because of Mr. Ed’s manipulative lying ways.

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My strategy is and will always remain the same, to get Mr. Ed back to her stable and lock her up and throw away the key.

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