Amber on Love Games episode 7: And Then There Were Two

The guys sent me home because they all knew that I was only in the game for Corey B.I was beyond surprised when Corey got my initials tattooed on himself! I really like Corey and I wasn't always 100% positive if he liked me (he made out with horse face). So when he did that for me, I knew that no matter what happened with the girl eliminations that I wanted to date Corey. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we were all extremely surprised when Taylor made the mistake of getting Seabiscuits initials tattooed on him. Anyone with half a brain knew that Natalie was playing Taylor. I always knew that Taylor wasn't very bright, but I didn't know that he was just plain stupid to not see the obvious. Taylor is 110% being played by Natalie. There was never a doubt in my mind or anyone elses mind. The only good part about the tattoo was that Taylor did get it on the bottom of his foot, so it would be difficult for anyone to see it. If I could give Taylor some advice it would be that he should probably run a marathon barefoot to hope that it will wear itself off. I think that the guys sent me home because they all knew that I was only in the game for Corey B. I wasn't taking my clothes off and having sex with anyone, so i wasn't any fun for anyone. Which is fine by me! I would much rather date a guy that wants to be with me even if I am not ready to have a sexual relationship.Even though I did not technically win Love Games, I feel like I did. I walked out of there with awesome friendship with Benz, Bruno, John and Corey B. Corey B and I both would LOVE to date one another but I live in Arizona, and long distance relationships do not work for either of us. Corey B now lives in California and we both hope to move in the same location someday soon. I am currently single and I am enjoying my young life while I can. I hope that either Corey B and I will make it work or that I will meet a wonderful man someday.

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