Amber On Season 2 Of Love Games

My strategy for winning Love Games is to be me. Since my Bad Girls Club days, I had a boyfriend and left him, and went on Love Games to meet a new guy. I went to a DMX concert, slept in a haunted motel in a ghost town, and reeked havoc in Scottsdale.

As aforementioned, I had a guy in my life for over a year and to put it simply he wasn’t going to work out. He just wasn’t what I was looking for and the thought of getting to meet hot sexy men selected to be “my type” and for me to have my way with, why not go for it?

I would love to say on paper that it is a romantic dinner and a long walk on the beach, but I am simple believe it or not. I am happy to kick back and eat a good home cooked meal and watch a movie.

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To date a bad girl, you must have confidence. Most men are not great at standing in the shadows. Grow some balls, don’t let us walk all over you. We will if we can, but if you hold your ground, put us in our place when you need to, have some confidence, attractive and treat us right you’ll do just fine. Oh and make sure you have a job….and a car.

My strategy for winning Love Games is to be me. I don’t need much of a strategy. I’m sure the boys will love me and hopefully I will find the right one to do what it takes to win.

My first impression of the other Bad Girls: I don’t know much about Lea, but she is gorgeous and seems down to earth I am really looking forward to getting to know he. As for Leno, I switched my late night television viewing to Conan - SORRY!

is awesome and no one can lay it down better than her, she keeps those boys in check and sets things straight.

Asides from my gorgeous face, there is much to see on Love Games. Clearly there is a rivalry between Natalie and myself because let’s be honest, everyone hates her! Aside from that, hot guys and crazy times.

For daily updates and additional pics, check me out on FB at or Twitter AmberBBGC3. Thanks to all my fans for their support and love! Xoxo on all your pink parts ;)
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