Lea on Love Games Episode 1: Game On

When I first saw the group of guys that were there for us, I was really surprised. Initially there were a few that caught my eye. Ryan was super hot. He had all sorts of tattoos and I really think that’s sexy on a guy. I was attracted to him at first of course. Also, Benz was just smoking hot, and I pretty much couldn’t keep my eyes off of him when I saw him.

I thought Taylor was a total tool at first, but once I started talking to him, I realized he was kind of a goof ball, which got me laughing. The guys really love playing pranks on one another, and as one of the only girls in the house, it was really amusing!

I won the “Kiss and Tell” challenge! Of course I did. I was the only one who was playing by the rules! It’s ridiculous. They told us to kiss every guy, and I actually did. Of course I was going to get more votes. Amber and Natalie were just too scared or something to kiss the guys like I did. What do you expect though? They’re too chicken sh*t to do anything.

I chose Benz for a date for two reasons. One: because he is hot as the day is long, and two: because I knew it would piss Natalie off big time. I’m here to play a game. It is called “Love Games” right? I’m a Bad Girl, and I was chosen to be on this show for a reason! Why wouldn’t I be as ruthless as I could possibly be? ;)

Plus, I won HBIC, and what kind of HBIC would do something in favor of someone else? I was trying to take out my biggest competition. Of course I had power over the other girls in this position, and I was going to use it.

VIDEO: Get a glimpse of what it's like when Lea is HBIC!

I think Natalie feels like she has competition with me because out of the three of us, I’m the only one who will actually fight for what I want. I don’t think she sees that side in Amber, and I think we were kind of attracted to the same guys. This is why I had to pick Matt, Ed and Greg for elimination. Even though Natalie was trying to form an “alliance” with me, I could see right through her. I knew she was just threatened by me and that’s why she wanted to “team up.” I saw this as an opportunity to pull the rug out from under her. Which is exactly what I did by making her super frustrated about eliminating one of her only guys, Greg. I’m not intimidated by Natalie at all really. I just think it’s funny how she tries to “run” everything and everyone she comes in contact with.

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