Lea on Love Games Episode 2: Punch Drunk Love

I didn’t come to the Love Games house to make friends so I really don’t care what she thinks of me. Natalie and I didn’t get along even before I ever got into the Love Games house. She is completely fake. Natalie is a whole different person on camera than she is off camera, and I’m not too thrilled with either of them. We didn’t start off of on the right foot, but furthermore, I didn’t come to the Love Games house to make friends so I really don’t care what she thinks of me. I’m going to do whatever I can to win and she knows that. It’s sad, and I feel bad for the people who can’t see through her act. She pretends to be interested in those guys, but ultimately she is just using them to win.

The fight between Amber and Natalie was insane! The only reason I didn’t get in between them right away to break it up is because before the fight started, I sat down off to the side. I thought the argument was over, then I sat down, and Amber started the whole “let’s see your ID” thing. I f*cking love Amber for that. I almost cried laughing when it was all said and done.

In a way, I think people should fight their own battles. I usually tend to mind my own business in a situation, unless I feel like people are being ganged up on or they’re just defenseless. Amber is really weak, and she’s not used to fighting, so I did feel bad for her when it was all over.

As for Natalie, I consider her to completely have lost that fight. She said it herself. Amber had the last word. Natalie looked so stupid after beating Amber up it was just self-sabotage. We didn’t even have to do anything to make her look completely ridiculous. Look at Corey B, he didn’t even go on a date with her because she looked stupid, and he told her right to her face. If that wasn’t the best revenge, I don’t know what is.


As for my date, I took Ryan and Ed. I feel like Ryan and I have a lot in common, he reminds me of my friends back home. We listen to the same bands, we both are interested in tattoos. He and I felt like twins almost. I would definitely consider Ryan boyfriend material. I feel like it’s really hard to meet someone who you have so much in common with. I feel like he and I could work really well together.


At elimination, I had Taylor, Robert A, and Eduardo on the chopping block. It would have been the obvious choice to let Taylor go, but Taylor and I had a lot of conversations and we got along really well. He was a really nice guy. Plus, I had absolutely no connection with Robert A, and Eduardo and I really never hit it off. I took Eduardo on my date with Ryan, and at that point I was already interested in Ryan so it was just really hard for Ed to shine through. So I had no real connection to either of them.


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