Natalie on Love Games Episode 1: Game On

Amber? Talk about a nothing Bad Girl.I honestly thought the guys that I met initially in the limo were all super cute and nice. I couldn’t believe they were all there for me to pick from! HAHA! I was initially attracted to Taylor right away. I don’t care what you guys think. I know he seems dorky and preppy, but I’ve never dated a guy like him before, and he was just so cute right off the bat. I couldn’t HELP IT!

Other than Taylor, I’d have to say Emilio left a strong impression on me. I guess he’s used to attention though from dating Snooki. He wouldn’t stop talking about it. Plus he was just so much shorter than everyone in the house. He was kind of hard to miss. I guess that made him stand out in a weird way!

I couldn’t believe that Amber was in the house with us. Talk about a nothing Bad Girl. I have no idea why she was ever on Bad Girls Club at all. She is seriously the biggest, most notorious liar that has ever been in BGC. When I saw her I thought: she couldn’t possibly be here to compete with me for the SAME GUYS. Ridiculous.


I always kind of thought Lea was cool. I like her style. Her tattoos are badass, and she seems like a pretty tough chick. But I thought she liked GIRLS! I don’t get why she was on the show either. I did see Lea as more of a threat than Amber though, but only because we’re true Bad Girls and I do see us being attracted to the same type of men. I think also guys who like Amber wouldn’t like me or Lea, which would pose her as my biggest competition. Duh. Plus Amber is just such a nothing that it wouldn’t even matter if we liked the same guy. They would clearly see that I’m the better choice.

As for Tanisha, she was always the baddest b*tch of them all and I couldn’t think of a better Bad Girl alum to host Love Games. She’s definitely cool and fits in with the crowd when we’re just chilling having a good time.


I couldn’t believe Lea put up Greg, Matt and Eduardo up for elimination. They were all guys who were there for ME. Even after I tried to form an alliance behind Amber’s back, Lea still screwed me over and put only my guys up for elimination. I felt really bad that Greg had to go because I had already told him that I’d keep him if he stayed on my side no matter what. I was really pissed that I had to let him go! I swear I'll get them back though. What kind of Bad Girl wouldn't?

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