Natalie on Love Games Episode 2: Punch Drunk Love

The fight with Amber really was bound to happen. I felt like because she knows in all BGC houses, you can’t hit or you’re going home. Well, with that being said Amber just kept running her mouth to me every chance that she had. When I told her I wasn’t going to argue with her she would find something else to say, and I’m the first to admit I like to get the last word in. So when she kept carrying on and on … I warned Amber to just stop while she was ahead. It wasn’t because Amber said “what does your ID say on it male or female…” My problem is that I have established with the bad girls a respect that I am the bad girl that demands respect and if you disrespect me there’s no going back, time to give someone the “beat down”. I don’t care if Amber is smaller than me, but only by 10 pounds or 20 pounds…she’s even older than me. You should know better than to be disrespecting people, so next time she’ll watch her mouth when my name’s coming out of it.

The main reason I refused to say sorry to Amber is because since my season of the Bad Girls Club I did nothing but help the bad girls even after fight or arguments, I leant people money, helped some of my cast mates with bookings, etc. I’m tired of being even a little nice to these girls. After the fight with Amber that was the last straw there was no going back with her or Lea. Not 1 inch of me felt sorry and that’s just “HOW I FELT”.

When Corey B. said he wouldn’t go on a date with me, I honestly felt like he was a “bitch” after this girl had been throwing race cards left and right saying “you’re a good looking black guy”. I felt like why would he be going over and beyond to defend Amber. It was not that serious, this is “LOVE GAMES” -- a bad girl needs love. A fight is typical with bad girls. Especially if you’re running your mouth like Amber, you might not be a fighter but sooner or later someone’s going to pop you in the mouth when you’re talking sh*t like that. So I felt like Corey B. was acting like a “B*TCH” and it was official that the house was divided in half with this fight. With all due respect, Corey B. not going on the date with me because of the fight just showed that he can’t handle the “realist” bad girl on the Bad Girls Club.


I moved my things from downstairs because I felt like there was no real reason to be sleeping next to these other girls. This was a competition and I didn’t want these girls knowing what my next move was. I was ready to jump ahead of the game while yelling check-mate, time to call this game over. I’m ready to win this already!


My feelings for Taylor are growing and I think he is a sweetheart! And the fact that everyone thinks I really don’t have feelings for him makes this game so much easier for me!


I was so upset that Eduardo was sent home.... But I felt between Taylor and Eduardo, I wanted Taylor to stay, seeing that this was a competition.

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